History of decoration of the Christmas tree

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The history of Christmas tree decoration dates back to the time, when ancient Romans who used to decorate Christmas trees during the winter holidays in honor of their god of agriculture Saturnus. They used little pieces of metal as means for decoration.

In Middle Ages this tree was decorated with different sorts of apples, which symbolized Adam. The celebration took place on the 24-th of December.

From the 1531 Christmas trees were sold in Alsace, which now is a part of France. Peopled used to set trees at home without decorating them anyhow. There existed a rule that a person can have only one tree and that it should be rather small.

Martin Luther is considered to be the first person to decorate Christmas tree. It was first mentioned in the folklore of the sixteenth century. Once in the night he was walking along the woods and noticed that an evergreen looks really magnificent against the background of the shining stars. He wanted to show his family the same picture that is why he decorated the indoor tree with lights and candles. But some scholars think that at first, decorated trees appeared only one hundred years after his death. Wikitalks shows how to make such a star for decorating tree out of paper http://wikitalks.com/2013/09/paper-star/

One of the records says that in the beginning of the seventeenth century, in Germany people started to decorate their Christmas trees with candies, fruits and colored toys and paper. A bit later they used to cut down the top of the trees in order to hang them I the corner of the room and to decorate in the same way as they did the trees. But also they added red strips made of paper in order to make the tree smarter.

The first record about appearance of the Christmas tree in America dates back to the year 1747. But in fact only separate branches of it were cut down and decorated with candles only. This tradition came to America from German. Christmas tree tradition was officially introduced to the USA by Hessians during the War for Independence. In 1804 the first tree was set by American soldiers in Illinois.People liked the idea so much that this tradition remained till actual time.

Thirty years later this idea came to Great Britain. Prince Albert was the first to bring the Christmas tree into the castle of the Royal Family. Later, this wonderful tradition was brought to Virginia by Charles Minnegrode.

Though this tradition was considered to be absolutely foreign, it has become popular in eastern states till the 1851.

The first shop to sell evergreen trees was opened on the street of New York by Mark Carr in the same 1851. It had a huge success and this event marked the official establishment of this tradition in the United States.

The first president who set the Christmas tree in the White House was Franklin Pierce. This event took place in the years 1856. And as for the national tree it was first lighted in the 1923 in front of the White house. At that time the president was Calvin Coolidge.

As you can see this wonderful tradition has a long and eventful history. Nowadays Christmas tree is the main symbol of the holiday and one of the most favorite traditions of people in many countries.



Sometimes it is difficult to think of unique baby shower gift ideas. But the good news is, there are unique baby shower gift ideas for all budgets, too. I am hoping that my list can help you out.

Picture frames are not items that are given very often at baby showers but they do make a wonderful gift. It is a unique and touching gift, too. I made a customized one for my sister and she loves it so much! I wish i could do more for my friends who will give birth this month.

A monogrammed gift is always nice. It is a change from the ordinary. You could have a nice blanket or a baby towel set monogrammed for the baby.

If the baby is going to be a family member to you or someone you are going to be close to, you can include a little note in the book about how much you loved the story. You can even say you look forward to reading it together someday.

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One of the first things that new parents do after they come home from the hospital is make an appointment for their baby’s newborn photography session. Its very useful and something that any parent would enjoy.

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One of the best ways to help your children grow happy and healthy is by encouraging them to think in a creative manner that will allow them to see all the different sides of a story. Creativity is more than just arts and crafts; it’s a process of thought that will help your kids think in a more flexible way. Here are a 5 very useful tips on how to inspire creativity in your kids:

From time to time try to let your kid lead the way when you two are playing together. Kids should follow their direction, they should be able to learn how to make their own decisions when they grow up.

Encourage your little ones to make drawing where they imagine themselves as adults in their job of choice. They could make drawings or you could suggest that they do a little collage, or even mix these two things together.

It’s important for them to assimilate the fact that if they work hard enough and if they believe in themselves, they will be able to do whatever they want.

Acknowledge their hard work and reward them every time they successfully reach one of their goals. Just praise them for a job well done and encourage them to go further to see what they could discover next.

If you are trying to help your kids enhance their creativity, then you should practice what you preach. It’s incredibly inspiring for kids to work with their parents, instead of simply taking directions from them.

There are a lot of things you can do to support your child’s creativity. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I haven’t talked about.