Style your christmas cardigan

Cardigans can dress up and unify an entire outfit. No longer are the little button-up sweaters just designed to keep you cozy. Paired with dresses, jewelry and scarves, cardigans create a polished layered look that is perfect for the day at the office or dinner at an upscale bistro. Here are some ways to dress up or style your christmas cardigan now.

Add a belt. Slip a cozy women’s cardigan over a sundress and cinch it with a narrow belt. Move from warm weather outside to cool air conditioning in a comfortable, unified ensemble. Choose a belt that complements the colors of the dress and contrasts with the cardigan. Try a lemon-colored patent leather belt over a black women’s cardigan paired with a whimsical sunflower print sundress.

christmas cardigan

Pin on a brooch. Add sparkle to a cardigan sweater with a piece of costume jewelry. An oversized brooch encrusted in sparkling rhinestones will enliven any solid-colored cardigan sweater. Pin the brooch at the top of the sweater or over the top button and allow the cardigan to flare open to reveal the blouse underneath.

christmas cardigan

Accent with a scarf. Button a wrap cardigan all the way and top it with a snug scarf. Wrap a scarf of contrasting color around the neck twice and finish with a loose knot. Allow the length of the scarf to flow down the front of your wrap cardigan.

christmas cardigan

Get crafty and embellish it. Remove plain buttons from a long cardigan and sew on new pearls or shiny metallic fasteners. Recycle a worn long cardigan by stitching on a patch, making it the perfect casual clubbing sweater. Paired with jeans and some high-heeled boots, this stylish cardigan is sure to get noticed. Visit

christmas cardigan

Layer jewelry over a long-sleeved cardigan. Button up a cashmere cardigan and layer bangles on your wrists. Add a fancy ring or dangly earrings to dress up the look. Make the jewelry stand out by choosing silver to wear with a black sweater or layering red costume pieces over a white cashmere cardigan. Visit for the best Thanksgiving sale online.

Christmas Outfits for Women

Christmas only comes once a year, so holiday parties are worth dressing up for. Keeping this in mind, there are so many clothing options for a Christmas party that it is easy to feel intimidated while picking out the best outfit. Do not get stressed out about finding the perfect outfit, as there will be many more Christmas parties in the future. Visit for Christmas women cardigan and sweaters.

Women have more options than men do when it comes to Christmas party outfits. There are two basic choices they can commit to and several options for customization that go from there. The first option is the simplest, a cocktail dress. Try to pick out a holiday color for this dress, but keep in mind that a black dress can work well if the buyer combines some colorful accessories. Christmas-themed earrings, necklaces, or bracelets make a bright, holiday statement, even with a black dress. Best of all, the cocktail dress is appropriate for just about any type of party.

The other option is to wear some black slacks alongside a holiday top. The top should be a colorful Christmas color since the slacks are black. Again, feel free to add some Christmas related accessories to this ensemble. Do not bother driving to a retail clothing store for these party outfits when they are easy to find online. Items for sale are constantly updating, so new outfits pop up every second, sometimes even more frequently. Check out for Christmas sales online.