Make your own watercolor stained wood blocks

I came  across site today and found this cute DIY water stained tutorial, It looks like a fun color matching activity for our little one!

Make your own watercolor stained wood blocks

1 Gather your art supplies. You will need: watercolors and paintbrush we used Glob natural paint powders and bamboo paint brush, wood blocks found at craft stores, jars (one for each color), and water. 

 If you use the naturally dyed paint powders we played with, share with your child what natural plant dyes were used to make each color. These colors listed on the packets include vibrant hues made with beets, purple carrots, turmeric, and red cabbage. You may also learn about these natural dyes here. Have young children identify the colors of the fruits shown on the packets for more color fun and practice.




 Place a teaspoon of Glob paint powder in a separate jar for each color. Have children smell the fruitiness of each, as they scoop the powder from the packets.

 Add a teaspoon of water to each jar of paint powder.

 Children may now begin staining their blocks.

 Our young child was relaxed and engaged in this quiet time activity and delighted in the discovery of how each block transformed with the colorful stains.


 Children will enjoy matching the fruit colors on the Glob paint packets with the colors they have painted on the blocks. Cut pieces of the paint packets into squares the size of your blocks.

 Then, have your child glue your color-matched paint packet squares onto some sides of your wood blocks.

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